Saturday, July 27, 2013

Building my Raspberry Pi - Hardware part

I've been working on my Raspberry Pi for 3 months, I got the Model B board from my former colleague Yuriy as a gift when I left the company, I really appreciate Yuriy give me a chance to play with this tiny toy.
Now I will share the hardware I used to build my raspberry Pi.

1. Wifi Adapter, Edimax 150Mpbs
It works perfectly in my Raspberry Pi,no driver installation needed, the only thing I would complain is it only support 2.4G, no support for 5.8G

2. Keyborad/mouse, Logitech mk360 combo,
 I bought it from costco for $30, no driver needed, works by just pluggin in.

3. Cable
   I bought this HDMI to DVI adapter on for less than $2.
4. SDcard
   I used my old Sandisk Ultra II 4.0GB, I think it is class 4, and a Trascend 8.0GB class 10 for using raspbmc media center

5. Case, I bought  it from Sayal

   I like the design, transparent, the thing is once you installed your Raspberry Pi board, it is hard to take out. Besides that no complain.

6. Power adapter
   Following works:
   LG phone power adapter, Samsung Note II power adapter, and Kindle power adapter.

7. Display
   I used Samsung LCD 22-inch (DVI) and 24-inch B2430, both works perfectly.

8. Blue tooth adapter, IOGEAR GBU521

   It works on Raspberry Pi, and could pair with my mac wireless keyboard and mouse, but it takes long process to install the bluetooth package, and I seldom use it
any more, I would not recommend it.

Totally I spent another $50 - $70 to build this tiny computer, it is still a lot cheaper than building a regular one. I really love this toy.

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