Saturday, March 10, 2012

Presentation note - Continuous Integration in the Mobile World

Yesterday I watched the presentation  Continuous Integration in the Mobile World by Godfrey Nolan in InfoQ. It is a very informative, the author covers the Jenkins CI server, Version Control and test tools for ios and Android mobile platform, and the author tells us how he integrates those tools in his company's mobile application development.  Most of those tools he mentioned are first time for me. We use Jenkins, but I haven't realize that there are so  many good tools available for you.

Here I just summarize the tools which are mentioned in the presentation.

Jenkins Plugins
- Android Emulator Plugin
- Xcode Plugin

Test tools
-  Perfecto mobile,  test real mobile device via the cloud,  I feel it is quite similar with DeviceAnyWhere.
- TestFligh App,  ios beta test on the fly.
- FoneMonkey,  Functional test tool for ios and Android
- Robotium,  like Selenium, it is for Android UI test framework
- OCUnit, Objective C unit test framework
- OCUnit2junit,  a ruby script to convert OCUnit to Junit, which allows Jenkins to run the OCUnit.

I need to do more research on those tools, I really appreciate Godfrey provide such a informative and inspiring presentation.

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