Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeremy Lin - an inspring story

Last week NBA belongs to Jeremy Lin!  he just exploded to a star from an unknown underdog, leaded his team 5 wins in a row in a week! What a amazing true cinderella story! I watched his game vs. Lakers last Friday. I was really enjoying the game: he demonstrated his basketball skills and talent: he is smart, he got a high IQ in the basketball. I like his personality: confident, calm and humble. I think these will attribute with his Christian religion, Harvard graduate background and his Chinese descendent. Jeremy's successful story made me realize that Basketball can be played like this: you don't need a very strong, very tall or very fast body, if you have a regular body but you are smart enough and hardworking, you can be a good player as well, like Jeremy Lin! The IQ and skills are more important than the body.

Now I becomes his fan, his story is really inspiring, I learned:
- Always have a big dream. Don't limit your self. You don't have to be genius, you need hard working.
- Craft your skills, practice hard. Jeremy's success is not by accident. I can feel behind scene he must be a hard worker. Since those skills can not be done in a short time.
- Be patient and prepared for the opportunity, you can only seize the chance when you are prepared.

I hope his lin-sanity keeps going!

 Jeremy Lin's blog
 His facebook page


  1. Jeremy Lin is the best Nicks player so far in this season. And you're right - he's an example of how to bcome a success through hard work.

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