Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I decided to take Scrum training?

Yesterday I registered an Certified Scrum Master training.  I choose the seminar on Jan 12, 2012  from Berteig Consulting.  Actually I am not so interested in SCRUM, rather I am super fan of Lean/Kanban, XP and software craftsmanship.
I have a bias on SCRUM because I feel its process is oversimplified, and focus on manager side only, ignores developer side; and it lack the whole picture of Lean and flexibility of Kanban. Another reason is so far I did not find a good SCRUM example in my past experience, so I really doubt the its performance.
The third reason is recently I found many articles which pointed out the issues of SCRUM.

As a many years of working experience as a software developer, I really doubt a certificate is useful.  I don't think that you will become an SCRUM master just for 2 days training, which means master Agile philosophy is too easy.

But recently I changed my mind, and decided to get a SCRUM Master certificate. You may wonder why I changed my mind so quickly.

Why learn Scrum?
1. I realized that the current IT situation is that  Scrum is still the de-facto process, even though Lean/Kanban is really hot inside the Agile community, but outside of the community, Scrum is still the most popular one. I will say 90% of the IT managers does not know Kanban. They are  more familiar with SCRUM.  If you have a Scrum training or get a certificate, it will be helpful for your career path. My long term goal is Agile coach, so I hope I can use CSM as a business card to help me find better jobs.

2. I hope the CSM certificate can help me make changes in my company. 6 month earlier, I tried to suggest to my managers thinking of using Lean/Kanban, they are familiar with Scrum, but not Kanban. I found I get stuck, because I don't know how to persuade them, since neither I have Kanban experience, nor I have Scrum certificate. Now there are 3 Scrum Master in our company. I hope if I have a Scrum certificate, then I could use their familiar "Scrum" language to communicate, then it would be easier for me help the company to transform from Scrum to Lean/Kanban.

What do I want to know about Scrum?

  • Clear the misunderstandings about Scrum;
  • Focus on the principles and philosophy behind Scrum;
  • Figure out the fundamental assumption which support Scrum;
  • Find out the good and bad parts of Scrum;

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  1. Ya scrum training is the basic certification which is very helpul for growth in career..but today Kaban is more popular...among professionals