Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ant mail task issue in Mac

Last week I get stuck again when using the Ant mail task, based on the document from Ant site, the mail task requires the following 2 jar files:
 - mail.jar from JavaMail API 
 - activation.jar from  JAF API

I already downloaded and copied them into /usr/share/ant/lib folder, but still I got the error.
After google a while, I realized that Mac missed another jar file in its ant package, this time it is ant-javamail.jar! So when I just copied the ant-javamail.jar from the downloaded ant package into /usr/share/ant/lib folder, then every thing worked perfectly.

In summary, to make the mail task work in Mac, you need 3 jar files:
 - mail.jar
 - activation.jar
 - ant-javamail.jar

Ant target to send email example (using gmail smtp server):
<target name="sendmail" description="send email">
        <mail mailhost=""
              subject="Results of nightly build">
          <message>This is a test email</message>

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