Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mind map: Continuous Delivery Notes

In QCon San Francisco, I attended the tutorial -"Continuos Delivery", it is a great training. I learned a lot, then I realized I have to record and organize what I learned - which is the part of the GTD principle. Also at the meeting I noticed that Dan North used a Mind Map for his presentation, which is awesome. The software he used is called FreeMind,  so I just tried to use this tool to take my notes in the mind map format. The notes like this:

Since this is my first time to use it, it is pretty basic, but it is good enough for me right now. It is a good starting point. FreeMind provide lots of nice features, please check the pdf manual for details.

I realize that using Mind map to take notes and posted on the website is a great idea. I already use mind map to take notes, but just manually drawing, this is a great tool.

The next step I need to figure out how to embed the actual map on the website. This article tells you how to install and use the FreeMind Applet on your website, then it seems I need to have my own website, so right now it is time for me to build my own website.


  1. Pretty neat !
    I too started using Mind map after I saw Dan use it.
    It doesn't allow diamonds however- which was a bummer.

    Your mind-map reminded me of couple of things I had forgotten.

    You are being book-marked !!!

  2. Hi,

    nice mindmap. Here are some comments:

    * "Releasing frequently" is a byproduct of using agile methods like scrum.
    * "Everyone can self-service deployment" is a tricky thing. You can do this if you architecture is not to complex, so that everyone understands what happens during a deployment.
    * "Puppet", well that is just a tool. The point is to automate your deployment process to the max.
    * "Metrics" is a very important point. Without them you a driving blind.
    * I love the "How log will it take your organization to deploy a change the involves just one line of code?".
    * "If it hurst, do it more often ..." kind of masochistic but very effective.
    * "make your build self-healing" ... I wonder what that will look like.

    added a link in my blog ...

  3. Hi Steve,

    Just thought you might want to know that there is forked product of FreeMind called Freeplane ( which I find to be a bit nicer and haven't look back.