Sunday, September 26, 2010

Use the BlackBerry Issue Tracker to find bugs

I don't know when BlackBerry start opening their issue list for the developers, recently I just know this service. This is a great service, you can browse, search and submit the Blackberry issues.

Here I would like to share my experience how to use the Issue tracker:

First go to BlackBerry Developer Zone, register an account, use this link:

After login in, in the left part of the portal, click Resources tab, it will expand several sub links, then select "Developer Issue Tracker",  then click  link "Submit an Issue", finally your will enter the BlackBerry Issue Tracker portal.

For example, to identify an BlackBerry OS 5 SMS issue, I found a bug which reported the exact same issue, which is very helpful.
Java APIs
   invokeApplication() Ignores PayloadText for Populating SMS Text Message
Created: 19/Oct/09 10:44 PM   Updated: 07/Jun/10 05:50 AM
DevTrack ID: 360769
Fix Version/s: None
App Build Number:
Device: Bold 9000
Component: --
Description: When calling Invoke.invokeApplication() and passing TextMessage arguments, the PayloadText is ignore when it should be used to populate the body of a new SMS message.

You will be surprised that there are some many open issues for different blackberry OS.
So I will suggest you to go to the Issue Tracker if you want to confirm a BlackBerry device issue.

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