Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Personal Practices Map

Currently I am reading the book called Apprenticeship Patterns – Guidance for the Aspring Software Craftsman. In page 85, the pattern “Reflect As You Work”, it mentions a technology called “Personal Practices Map”. You can use this technology to analyze and reflect your idea and what you did.
This idea originally comes from London’s Extreme Tuesday Club. The page "Maps of People’s Personal Practices".

This is my Personal Practices Map.

Using map to reflect ideas reminds me the book of GoF design patterns.  In that book, the authors draw a map of all 23 patterns and their relationships.  The book Apprenticeship patterns draw lots of map to connect each pattern.
This is a great technology. In future I will draw more maps:
  • “Draw your own map” (Page 47), draw a map of your career path.
  • Draw the map of reading list

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